If you are hurting from a spinal injury,

You Have Rights.

You had a strong back. You counted on it daily, not only to get around, but also to provide for your family. If you suffered the trauma of a spinal injury at work, it not only affects your ability to live your life, but it also affects the welfare of your loved ones. You need a tough and caring personal injury attorney right now!

Whether you were the victim of a traffic accident, got hurt at work due to a negligent and uncaring coworker, you slipped at a grocery store, or you suffer due to the negligence of a doctor failing to diagnose an illness correctly – you are a victim. I will fight for your rights!

If you are hurting – you have rights. You may even not be able to walk. If this is you, you need to get in contact with a personal injury lawyer like Cesar Ornelas.

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