Have You Been Hurt

In An Oil Rig Explosion Accident?

As an oil rig worker, one of the most dangerous accidents that you can face is an oil rig explosion. Oil platforms are among the most high-risk places for explosions and fires, despite being surrounded by open water. Indeed, the fact that oil rigs are located out on the open water can make the risk of serious injury from oil rig explosion accidents even greater, particularly during periods of extreme weather and poor sea conditions. Add in the fact that oil rig workers frequently face difficult working conditions such as shifts more than 12 hours long, and the risk of injury grows exponentially.

The heavy machinery equipment used on oil rigs is essential in carrying out day-to-day operations, but a single spark emanating from such machinery is all it takes to ignite a widespread, catastrophic fire. It’s no wonder that Forbes Magazine ranked working aboard an oil rig among the ten worst jobs in the country in 2010. OSHA has reached a similar conclusion, noting that those in the oil and gas industry face a seven-times greater risk of an on-the-job fatality than any other industry in the country.

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