Have you been injured in

An Oil Field Accident?

The big profits in oil and gas have meant they hire new employees like crazy. Sometimes this also brings improper or inadequate training, safety equipment that is substandard or maybe even non-existent. Combine that with inexperienced managers, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Steps For Getting Help For Oil field Injuries

  • Notify Your Supervisor – You have a very limited time to report your injury to your supervisor, usually under 24 hours
  • Seek Medical Attention
  • Documentation – You need to get documentation and a written report of the accident
  • Witnesses – Make sure to collect witness reports if you can and list all the witnesses
  • Evidence – Take photos of where the accident occurred and anything else that may have lead to it
  • Account – While everything is fresh, you write down the entire incident with as many details as possible
  • Legal Help – Contacting legal help as soon as possible will help ensure that your rights are respected and you get the help you need
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