Have you been injured in

A Motorcycle Accident?

The wind in your face. The rumble of the exhaust. The smell of your leathers. The freedom of the open road with you on your bike. A good night’s sleep after a long hard day of riding.

But that didn’t happen, not this time.

It happened in the blink of an eye. Some driver was not paying enough attention. They didn’t check their mirrors. They didn’t hear your exhaust. They were reckless, not you.

Now you are hurt.

Your medical bills are piling up quickly. The driver’s lawyers that work for the big insurance company aren’t waiting to call you, so why should you wait to get a good lawyer that is dedicated to getting what you deserve right now. You can’t wait to get the legal help you need.
The Cesar Ornelas Law Firm loves making sure you get every penny you deserve as much as you love riding your bike. Whether you had to set your bike down and you walked away or you are in the hospital, you need a lawyer NOW.

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