Listed below are instances in which you should hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer:

1. When you are facing assault or battery charges

Depending on the circumstances and facts surrounding your assault or battery charges in Texas, the legal outcomes can vary. In essence, if an individual has leveled assault charges against you, you should prioritize getting an attorney on board as soon as possible. Below are some defenses a criminal defense attorney may use to help you with your case:


If the attorney can prove that you acted in self-defense, there is a chance that you will get a favorable ruling. However, to prove that you acted in self-defense, you must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  • There was an imminent and impending threat of harm that prevailed at the time
  • You in no way provoked the other party
  • You could not have retreated from the situation.

Property Defense

If a San Antonio criminal attorney can prove that you were acting in defense of your property, the attorney will argue that the other party encroached your property or withheld it from you.

2. When you are facing drug charges

The highest penalty for possession or trafficking in Texas is 99 years in prison and a fine not exceeding $250,000. As such, when drug charges are leveled against you, you should hire a criminal defense San Antonio at your earliest convenience.

Below are some common defenses used by criminal defense lawyers:

  • That law enforcement carried out irregular and unlawful search and seizure.
  • That there is missing evidence from the seized batch
  • That you were forced/ threatened to carry the seized drugs
  • That the drugs belonged to someone else

3. When you are facing financial crimes or fraud charges

Financial crimes or fraud charges can be leveled against you if you purportedly obtained property or money from another party irregularly or illegally. These charges feature an element of deceit or abuse of trust, which ultimately differentiates these charges from regular robbery or theft.

The City of San Antonio, Financial Crimes Unit, receives about 12,000 forgery cases every year. Other common financial or fraud crimes in San Antonio include debit/credit card fraud, wire fraud, and insurance fraud. If you face any of these charges, you should prioritize hiring a San Antonio criminal attorney. As a rule of thumb, refrain from talking or answering any questions from a criminal investigator without your lawyer. Speaking to investigators in the absence of your attorney may lead to self-incrimination.

4. When facing homicide charges

It goes without question that homicide charges are grave and could permanently alter your life if the prosecution can prove its case. According to the Texas penal code, a criminal homicide charge is leveled when someone takes someone else’s life regardless of the circumstances surrounding the ordeal.

For a homicide charge to hold water before any judge, the prosecution should prove intent and negligence on the side of the defendant. As such, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to argue against these tenets and help you get a favorable ruling.

5. When you are facing theft charges

The City of San Antonio handled about 58,000 theft cases in 2019, which was a spike from 52,000 cases reported in 2018. In the eyes of the law, theft goes beyond taking someone’s property without their consent or against their will.

The prosecution has to prove that:

  • The property in question was obtained without the owner’s authorization
  • The defendant had prior intent to get the property in question illegally

Hiring a San Antonio Criminal Lawyer can help you put up a decent defense against these kinds of charges. For example, the lawyer can argue that you had a right of ownership to the said property. They can also say that the plaintiff expressly allowed you to obtain the property in question.

6. When you are facing alcohol-related charges

The most common charges associated with alcohol include driving under the influence (DUI), minor in possession of alcohol, and public intoxication.

DUIs are the most serious of the batch and carry with them severe penalties. These penalties could include jail time, fines, and suspension of your driving license. As such, endeavor to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as these charges are leveled against you.

Remember that alcohol charges could also lead to the suspension of your professional license depending on your line of work, which will subsequently affect your finances.

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