Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI is not a new thing. TBI has been around as long as humans have. However, it’s only recently with high profile cases of athletes and veterans suffering from TBI that the general public started to gain awareness.

Who Gets TBI Brain Injuries

TBI’s are an insidious injury. You may go your whole life and not realize you have a TBI. Sometimes you only find out because you start to experience cognitive decline and have a lot of problems someone your age shouldn’t have. We are learning now that even children can suffer from TBIs thanks to sports or rough play.

Causes of TBI Brain Injuries

  • Explosions – Proximity can cause unseen injury
  • Sports – Not just sports with helmets and pads
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Even with helmets, TBI is a real threat
  • Car Accidents – The leading cause in America of TBI
  • Playgrounds – Rough play as well as falling from unsafe equipment
  • Falls – Primary cause of TBI among little children as well as senior citizens
  • Assault and Battery – Blunt force trauma to the head can occur with everything from being pushed to the ground to being hit over the head
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