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Midland/Odessa Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Texas law dictates that the victim of a car accident that they did not cause has the right to sue for compensation. You will need a Midland car accident lawyer to help you navigate your settlement. Insurance companies do not want you to get representation and urge you to settle quickly. They would first push you and your suffering under the rug by offering a low settlement or nothing at all.

In the United States, there were 6,734,00 motor vehicle accidents in 2018, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Out of that astounding number, 33,654 died, and another 1,894,000 were injured. Car accidents are, unfortunately, a daily part of life in America. It is estimated that the average driver will be in at least one accident every 18 years from the time they turn 18 until they stop driving.

Many Midland car accident victims do not receive the compensation they have a right to because they don’t know any better. If you are in a car accident that was not your fault, you must contact a Midland car accident lawyer right away. Even if you are hospitalized, the sooner you get a car accident lawyer, the sooner they can begin compiling evidence, scouring the police report, and putting the insurance company on notice that you have representation.

Time is of the essence, which is why the personal injury law firm of Cesar Ornelas is open 24/7 to take your calls. We also offer a free online intake form that you can fill out, and a Midland car accident lawyer will promptly get in contact with you. The consultation is completely free, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us. If the driver that hit you is found to be at fault, you have a right to compensation for your suffering.

Cesar Ornelas is a dedicated Midland car accident lawyer and is willing to take any insurance company to court to get you what you deserve. The crash rates in Midland are continuing to rise due to the added congestion from the oil fields. In 2018, Midland car accidents increased by 16.5% totaling 4,374. Traffic overall in Midland increased by 4% in 2018, and the most popular crash areas were all at different interchanges in Loop 250. Our Midland car accident lawyers have been there for the increase, and we have been there supporting many of the car accident victims in court.

Cesar Ornelas wants to be there for you as well. Immediately after Midland car accidents, most people worry about their medical expenses. Still, the costs from a severe car accident linger for decades and are not limited to your current hospitalization. They can include therapy, follow-up visits, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, property damage, and even wrongful death.
If a driver from a Midland car accident is found to have been reckless by a judge, additional punitive damages can be added on to the final settlement. These are often allowed in situations that include high-speed rates or drunk driving. Our Midland car accident attorney is ruthless in his battle to help you receive all compensation that you are entitled to.

In every case, our car accident lawyers start by collecting all police reports, recording witness statements, obtaining photographs of the crash scene as well as damaged vehicles, and copies of all medical records and bills. If an accident is severe, resulting in fatalities or life-altering injuries, we also can hire investigators to recreate the accident in front of a jury or judge to prove fault and reckless driving.

All of this information helps our personal injury firm create a winning case for you, but you have to act fast. Texas law only allows injured Midland car accident victims two years from the date of the accident to accept a settlement. This means that you need to file right away and hire a Midland personal injury lawyer to get the paperwork moving through the court system. Big insurance companies know they can delay settlements to avoid paying them, so you need a Midland Odessa car accident lawyer who can prevent this from happening.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a Midland of Odessa car accident, give Cesar Ornelas law firm a call right away. We will assign you a topnotch Midland car accident lawyer and fight the insurance companies for what you deserve. Don’t settle for less; give us a call or contact us via email or chat. We are available 24/7, nights, and weekends.

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